Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Homesickness!

So homesickness is starting to creep in our apartment. I think we've all been so busy for the past month its been hard to notice what's been missing from home. But as we are starting to get used to long hours and busy days, its been more noticeable.
We've learned that CP doesn't stand for college program like we thought, but instead closers-of-the-park! A few of my roommates have been unfortunate enough to be regularly scheduled until 3:30 am. I've gotten lucky in that regard by only having been scheduled one shift that ended at 1:45 am so far. Most of my shifts fly by though, and even though I miss parts of home, I still absolutely love my job and am thankful to be here. I love getting to talk and play with all the children and meet families from all over the world. I've even gotten to practice speaking French some with families traveling here from Canada.

There are a few downsides about my role here though, the main one being it's difficult to meet people other than guests. The majority of my roommates have a group of coworkers they regularly work with, while I'm constantly with different characters and only occasionally another random attendant. I've worked with a few of the same Photopass cast members a few times, but almost every day I am working with all new people. Hopefully soon I'll be able to meet more cast members though. Sometimes I'm lucky to have at least one of my wonderful roommates have the same day off as me, but when they don't, it'd be nice to have other people to call!
I've been feeling under the weather today, but am grateful to have roommates who make toast and hot tea for me to feel better. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better: I have a busy week coming up, working at Chef Mickey's, hanging out with Woody and Jessie, Winnie the Pooh & Friends, and wrapping up the week with Mickey & the gang.

Until next time,

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