Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So, I have good news and bad news. The interesting thing is, it's the same news. Whether it's good or bad, just depends who, (where) you are. To those in Texas, it's good; those in Florida, it's bad.
I've made the decision to end my program with Disney early and return home to Texas.

Since the fire last month, it's been hard to convince myself that Florida is where I am supposed to be. I've never been a believer of everything happening for a reason, but I do believe that God will use all situations for His glory. This past month has forced me to look at things more objectively, and overall I always came to the same conclusion. Texas is where I will flourish the most right now. It's been a difficult decision to make, mainly because this program has brought me some of the best friends and roommates I've ever known. Leaving them and our home will be beyond difficult but I know these are girls that will remain in my life forever. I've been blessed to have this experience, and I wished things hadn't changed in the way that they did, but I trust God's plan and I know that everything will work out for the best.

I'm not sure what the upcoming weeks will hold, but I am excited to find out. I'm all packed up, am scheduled to check out of my apartment in the morning and hit the road. Since I'll be making a solo journey home, I decided to take 3 days to drive, therefore making it home by Friday.

That's all the news for now!