Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Get Comfy, It's a Long One.

I haven't done a full update in quite awhile, so it's time to play catch up!

In my role, I can be scheduled anywhere in the Magic Kingdom with any characters- because of this I spend most days in different locations. Lately I am most frequently working in the Crystal Palace restaurant, which is character dining. Winnie the Pooh Bear and his friends walk around the restaurant, greeting all their guests. My job there is mainly to keep an eye on the characters and make sure tables are prepared with cameras and autograph books out and ready to go. There is typically less guest interaction in dining because, well most people don't really want you to chat it up while they are trying to eat, naturally. But lately I've been able to make friends with some adorable little kids there. Yesterday I got to hold precious bouncing baby boys from 2 separate tables, both under a year old. I just love little flirt babies, and both these guys were such mini ladies men! They were just so dang cute and giggly. Both tables ended up taking pictures of me and their little boys, so that made me happy knowing that I added a little bit of magic to their night.
Me & the gang. (The sling is no big deal- I apparently have tendonitis in my left shoulder and had to wear that for a week)

My favorite experience at work so far came from a little prince named Jack. Jack was here celebrating his 3rd birthday with his whole family. I had already spent some time previously talking with his family about their vacation, when I overheard his mom saying, "Go ahead Jack, ask her! Don't be shy." I turn around and asked if I can help with something. Jack shyly smirks at me while holding his autograph book, and his mom says that he wants to know if I would sign his book! I was entirely too excited and overjoyed to comply. After signing my name, I then pull out a notecard from my attendant bag and asked for Jack's signature. He is just now learning to write his name, so with his mother's guidance, telling him one letter at a time, I got my first guest autograph. He was so delighted that his mom asked for a picture of us together, one I wish I had a copy of. It's amazing to know that I will one day be a fun memory of someone's trip, in a photo hugging Jack, while holding up his first ever autograph. If he ever becomes famous, seriously, I got the first one.
Now proudly hanging on my bulletin board!
I have finally had more time to play and explore the parks now. I think I've actually done most of the rides now that I wanted to, with the exception of Toy Story Mania, Space Mountain & the star wars ride at Hollywood studios. Those are still on my to-do lists. Tower of Terror will still never, ever, ever happen....ever.

Even though I work with the characters, it's always excited to get to meet them at the parks as a guest and get their autographs!

Me, Tinkerbelle, Nicolina, and Elyse

Pooh Bear- giving away hugs!

Princess skirts!

 The pictures with Ariel and Belle were from my night I worked until 1:45 am. Who doesn't like to hang out with royalty?!

 On another exciting note, I was given my first review yesterday. In training we were told that someone would be out to observe us in our first 45 days, and that day came yesterday for me. I was pulled aside during our lunch shift at Crystal Palace by a manager who told me I wasn't in trouble, but we needed to go have a chat. We went down to a break room and she explained that she was there to give me my review and apparently had spent the last set observing me without my knowledge. Excuse me while I brag for a moment, but I was extremely surprised and delighted, as I had been preparing myself for critique, only to find that she had no negative comments to make! I was told my manager had raved about me, everything this trainer observed was spot on, and she just had so many nice things to say. It was such an amazing confirmation to get from a supervisor! I'm pretty sure I went back to work glowing!

My last and finally update is a bit off topic from the regular Disney details. The last few years I've begun giving things up for Lent, usually items like soda, french fries, that sort of thing. This year I'm trying something a bit different. I decided to give up complaining. Now, this isn't as black and white as not picking up a soft drink for 40 days, so it's more of a challenge and goal. Of course I will slip and let some complaints slide over the next month, but it's already making me more aware of my attitude. I don't think I'm a naturally negative person, but even the amount of small complaints I make tend to be unnecessary. I am so blessed and lucky, I need to give praise more and complain less. Along with this, I decided to make a daily positives list. I began a few days ago, and so far have only been keeping track of it on my phone. I decided a better way would be to share it here- but so I don't have to mix it in with my Disney updates, I will be adding an additional blog to my account. It's more for me really, but maybe sharing it will encourage others to do the same, and find more joy in their days.  Again, it's more for me to keep track of, but feel free to check it out every now and then! 
Here it is:

Until next time...
Stitch & I love you all!

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