Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Week Later

It's been about a week and a half since the fire now, and life continues to go on. I have finally had a few days now that I haven't been out to the house- it's been a nice break. Later today we will head out there to begin house-sitting for our neighbors on vacation. It was a win-win deal: they found someone to watch their house and feed their dogs, while we get the wonderful change of pace by not living in a hotel room AND get to by close to our dogs as well. The past week has been traumatic for them too. Hopefully we won't have to return to the hotel in the sense of it being 'home.'   Our insurance found a rental home that my parents will get to move into next Thursday, and that will be our semi-permanent home for the next many, many months. I haven't gotten to see the rent house yet, but the facts that it 1)isn't a hotel, and 2)has a fenced in yard for our dogs and duck, are enough to win my approval.

I've finally gotten to see several Denton friends over the past several days, which has been wonderful. The best night that I've had since leaving Florida came this past Wednesday night, when my best friend Kaitlyn became engaged to her amazing boyfriend, now fiance, Clayton! I was lucky enough to be a part of the proposal with another friend, hiding in the background to take pictures. I can't even explain how wonderful it was to get to witness this happy event.

The future Wilsons!
I got to see several more friends and Sigma sisters that night as well as the following night. Unfortunately Thursday evening I had some sort of severe allergy attack- still not sure from what exactly. I will refrain from posting pictures of my swollen face, because it was downright hideous, haha. Friday, after a few hours of my head reeling, swimming, feeling foggy and on the verge of consciousness, a friend took me to a Care Now clinic, where they diagnosed my symptoms as severe allergic reaction and vertigo. Overall, not the best day. I'm feeling much better today luckily; the medications are doing their job well.

Only a few more days remaining for me in Texas, and I have mixed feelings regarding Florida. I am overjoyed to get to see several of my roommates Wednesday night, but I know it will be difficult leaving here as well. This is all I have of updates for now!
Thanks to everybody for all the support and love :)

Until next time,

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