Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let the Magic Begin

Well our plan to get in line at 6 am didn't work quite as well as we hoped... one roommate, (Miss Nicolina!) heard at 4:30 a line had already formed, so we rushed to get ready and she & I got were in line by 5:15. We heard later on that the first girl arrived at 1 am. Overachiever! Our 6 other lovely roommates, Emily, Caitlin, Elyse, Cortney, Cheyenne, and Heather, joined us soon after. Elyse's mom was gracious enough to bring us coffee and donuts! What a life saver that was.
We got through check-in relatively easy, without any major hiccups! Luckily we were able to get the apartment we wanted and were the first group to go to Casting, so we didn't have to wait in many long lines. Casting took about another 2 hours and we finished around 11. We got our first taste of waiting a good while for the disney buses. We then had a few hours move into our new 4 bedroom apartment in Chatham Square. After attending another 2 hour meeting, this time over housing rules, we got to finally relax(ish) and finish moving into our new home.
I'm so thankful to have tomorrow off. We have a welcome party tomorrow night at one of the apartment pools as a meet & greet for everyone who has arrived so far. My Traditions class will be Friday afternoon, then I will get to spend the evening at Epcot with my parents, watching the Illumination firework show before saying goodbye. They will fly home early Saturday morning- I'm sure they'll be ready by then to get back and see all our sweet animals!  My first training will be all day Saturday, hopefully I'll still have energy to explore the parks sometime this weekend!
That's all the news I have for now, and I know there was no shortage of it. Maybe when things slow down, (ha!), and I'm not so exhausted, I can write about all the adventures we had on the drive here. From cotton-picking, to plastic pillows, it was quite an experience.

Until next time <3

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  1. Whaaat ..... you didn't like the plastic pillows with the cases that kept sliding off at the No-Tell Motel?